Philippa Forrester

Philippa Forrester

  • Presenter, Wildlife Expert & Conservationist
  • Sustainability Speaker & Host
  • Radio Days & Promotions

Possessed of charismatic charm and perceptive insight, Philippa is a TV presenter who nowadays also runs a production company that specialises in Natural History Programming, together with her husband, renowned wildlife cameraman Charlie Hamilton-James. Philippa researches, scripts, produces and often also appears or voices the commentary for their productions, which have appeared on BBC TV and also Discovery's Animal Planet, amongst other channels.

Philippa first worked as a children's presenter for BFBS television in 1986, and was often seen reading out birthday cards onscreen. She was a presenter on Children's BBC from the late 1980s, becoming a more regular fixture alongside Toby Anstis from July 1990 until 1994. She then went on to host Tomorrow's World, Barking Mad, The Heaven and Earth Show and Robot Wars series 1-3 and 5 and 6.

Philippa co-presented the BBC's coverage of the solar eclipse of August 1999 and at the end of that year she was part of the corporation's team covering the turn of the new Millennium. After taking a break to spend time with her children, Philippa made her TV comeback in 2013 to co-host the farming show Harvest (BBC), following the progress of Britain's vegetable, cereal and fruit harvests.

Philippa is also a published author, having written three books: The River (Orion Books), The River (A Love Story) (Arrow Books) and Halcyon River Diaries (Random House). The latter title accompanied a BBC1 series of the same name, which followed husband Charlie filming the wildlife, Philippa caring for the ecology of their surroundings, and their three children following them around asking funny questions!

Philippa also brings her writing skills to The Mail on Sunday’s travel section as a regular contributor.

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