Quentin Willson

Quentin Willson

  • Original Top Gear Presenter
  • Motoring Journalist and former Car Dealer
  • Conference Host and Speaker

Always ready to rev up audiences into top gear, motoring correspondent Quentin Willson has been firing on all cylinders for over 30 years, on such iconic motoring shows as the BBC's Top Gear (as co-presenter) and The Car's The Star (as writer and presenter), and Channel 5's The Classic Car Show (as Presenter and Executive Producer).

Quentin's father - Professor H. B Willson - was a wartime Bletchley Park code breaker. Recruited from Cambridge University, Willson Sr became the first person to decode the Haglein encryption machine, the Italian equivalent of Enigma. His achievement is acknowledged to have had a significant outcome on WW2.

In addition to his knowledge of all types of cars, whether new or classics, Quentin is a vociferous campaigner for fairer fuel prices (his million-signature FairFuelUK petition helped UK motorists save £20 billion in fuel duty and VAT) and regularly lobbies MPs to secure a better deal for Britain's 40 million motor licence holders. But Quentin is no "petrol head" - in fact, he is an ardent campaigner for low emission and electric cars, working alongside the UK Government and the UK Office of Low Emission Vehicles. He's also a patron of the Hydrogen Trust and was a judge for the £10 million Future UK EV Battery prize.

Quentin has written (or co-authored) a dozen books, including: Top Gear: Good Car Guide (1993), Classic Cars of the World (with David Selby, 1995), Classic American Cars (1997), Quentin Willson's Cool Cars (2001), Cars: A Celebration (2001), and Ultimate Sports Cars (2002)

Quentin has also written weekly columns for the Mirror and the Sunday Mirror, as well as columns for magazines such as Classic Cars Magazine. He was awarded the Press Association's Motoring Writer of the year Award for his work to bring new car prices in the UK to the same level as Mainland Europe, saving British motorists £3 billion.

A passionate believer that unless a message is amusing, arresting and delivered in everyday speech it will always fall on stony ground, Quentin prides himself on turning corporate messages into sparkling conversation. To book Quentin to speak at your Event, please call Prime Performers on 020 3500 3331 or email us at info@primeperformers.co.uk


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