Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax

  • Mental Health Speaker
  • Writer, Performer & Comedian
  • Motivational Speaker and Awards Host

Ruby Wax is an American actress, comedian and TV presenter, best known for her many TV interview programmes and documentaries. Her razor-sharp, acerbic wit and satirical style often leave her interviewees nonplussed, but despite her edgy and bold approach, Ruby somehow manages to get even the most unlikely of famous people to open up their homes and hearts. Who could forget the occasion she rifled through Imelda Marcos' vast wardrobe!

A classically trained actress, Ruby began her acting career at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, where she began a long-standing writing and directing partnership with the late Alan Rickman, who went on to direct most of her stage comedy shows.

She first came to prominence as loud-mouthed American actress Shelley DuPont in the sitcom Girls on Top (1985-86). But it is as an interviewer playing up to British perceptions of the strident American style - in shows including The Full Wax (1991–94) and Ruby Wax Meets... (1994–98) - that she is best known in the UK.

In addition, Ruby has made appearances in classic British TV comedy shows like Red Dwarf and Absolutely Fabulous, the latter show also employing her talents as a script editor.

Ruby's outrageous memoir, How Do You Want Me?, was published in 2002. It became a best-seller, reaching the top of the Sunday Times best-sellers list.

Ruby is a passionate mental health campaigner. Her 2010 stand-up show Losing It (which dealt with her experience of clinical depression) played in London at the Duchess Theatre in 2011 to appreciative audiences, and founded a mental health website (now part of the SANE charity) in response. In June 2015, Ruby was appointed Visiting Professor In Mental Health Nursing at the University of Surrey.

Ruby now runs management workshops for business leaders, enabling them to find a deeper and more direct level of communication with their clients and colleagues. Her workshops combine humour with scientific and theoretical learning and often involve practical exercises.

A highly successful chat show host and TV personality, with a special insight into human interaction and psychology, Ruby Wax is an inspired choice as an Events Host, Awards Host, Motivational Speaker or After Dinner Entertainer. To book her for your Event, contact Prime Performers on 020 3500 3331 or via the online booking enquiry form.

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