Scott Seaborn

Scott Seaborn

  • Digital Transformation Expert
  • How Business and Consumers Cope with Change
  • Keynote & Conference Speaker

Scott Seaborn joined Netherlands-based XS2 as executive creative director (ECD), from Ogilvy Group, where he created the mobile division that was responsible for acclaimed mobile campaigns such as Fanta Stealth Sound System and the IBM Wimbledon ‘Seer’ application.

Scott Seaborn's work won more than 20 awards - from Cannes Lions and London Internationals to Creative Circles, D&ADs and DMAs. He is now Executive Creative Director at XS2, seen as Europe's foremost agency for business solutions through mobile.

He was described in the press as “one of the few people in the world that know as much about the potential of mobile marketing; he was one of its pioneers. Not only does he understand the possibilities and limitations of the technology, he also understands how it meshes with great creative ideas to provide truly engaging and useful applications."

In presentations, Scott explains why mobile now accounts for over 10% of global internet use. He shows how every business and industry sector can harness it to connect with consumers and make its message memorable (- as he demonstrates onstage with the aid of a music sequencer). Aside from marketing, he also reveals how mobile can yield operational efficiencies and sharply reduce the overall cost of sales.

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