Simon Calder

Simon Calder

  • Travel Writer & Broadcaster
  • Travel Expert & Advisor
  • After Dinner & Conference Speaker

Simon Calder is one of the UK's best-known Travel Writers, with a wealth of experience travelling across the globe and reporting his findings in leading British newspapers and on TV and radio shows. His friendly, approachable style, wedded to his vast experience, also makes him an ideal choice for After Dinner Speaking and Awards Hosting.

Simon is known as “the man who pays his way,” meeting all his own travel expenses. That altruistic attribute no doubt makes him popular with newspaper proprietors and TV production companies, but it is his ability to readily communicate an unsurpassed knowledge of the travel industry that has earned him a leading position as a writer and presenter. He is currently Senior Travel Editor for The Independent, a post he has held for a number of years, and also writes on travel issues for other newspapers and magazines, including High Life, British Airways' in-flight publication. He is also regularly interviewed on television on issues concerning the travel industry, and is a frequent guest on BBC Breakfast News, Good Morning Britain, ITV News and Sky News, as well as contributing travel reports for BBC Radio, particularly BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Five Live.

In 2011, Simon was a contestant on Celebrity Mastermind, and he obviously made sure he started this particular journey before he finished it, because much to his surprise he won, with his specialist subject being, appropriately enough, Concorde!

Presenting at travel industry events, chairing conferences and after-dinner speaking on the adventures and misadventures of a travel writer, Simon has years of experience with each of these roles. Engagements include: hosting workforce-wide training sessions for a major UK airport; presenting on the future of travel at a range of leading travel industry events; hosting an international conference on passengers' rights; after-dinner speaking and award presentations at a wide range of industry occasions.

To book Simon Calder for your Event, please contact a Prime Performers Booking Agent on 020 3500 3331, or through our website, to discuss your requirements.

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Simon did a fantastic job on a radio day for our client, Travelsupermarket They really enjoyed working with him and we got some excellent pick-up of our story.
Working with Simon as our guest speaker at the Global Refund Forum has been a huge success. The effort he put into understanding our audience and his contribution of ideas was superb. Our clients were thrilled with the response they received back from their guests; he hit just the right balance of being informative and entertaining.