Simon Reeve

Simon Reeve

  • Award winning TV adventurer
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Overcoming Adversity

Simon Reeve is a British television presenter and best-selling author, specialising in travel, history, wildlife and the environment. Simon has journeyed to over 65 countries, presenting travel documentaries on little-known areas of the world, in such TV series as Explore, Tropic Of Capricorn, Meet The Stans, and Places That Don't Exist.

Among Simon’s other travel documentary credits are Equator, a three-part BBC documentary in which he travels across countries that intersect with the Equator, House Of Saud, Indian Ocean, Tea Trail / Coffee Trail and Sacred Rivers.

Simon is the author of a number of books, including The New Jackals, One Day In September and Tropic Of Capricorn. His works have been translated into over 20 languages.

Amongst the many accolades that Simon has received are a One World Broadcasting Trust Award and the 2012 Ness Award from the Royal Geographical Society.

One of Britain’s most travelled documentary presenters, Simon Reeve has no shortage of material to draw from and makes an ideal choice as an After-dinner Speaker. To book him, contact a Prime Performers Booking Agent via the online booking enquiry form or alternatively call us on 020 3500 3331 to discuss your requirements.

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