Tony Hawks

Tony Hawks

  • Writer, Broadcaster & Comedian
  • Regular Panel Show Guest
  • Awards Host & After Dinner Comedy

Tony Hawks represents the archetypical British comedian, possessing a naturally witty, dry observational nature that seems to be off-the-cuff and almost unintentional!

With a relaxed style that is wedded to a razor-sharp wit, it is little wonder that Tony has been a frequent guest on TV panel shows, such as Have I Got News For You and They Think It's All Over. He's also a regular guest on radio programmes, including The News Quiz, Just a Minute, and I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

Tony's quirky yet sharp sense of fun is also obvious in the books he has written, such as the bestseller Round Ireland with a Fridge - the story of his absurd quest to hitch round the circumference of Ireland within a month....with a fridge! The book became a top 10 Sunday Times bestseller in 1998, and was serialised on BBC Radio 4. His second book Playing the Moldovans at Tennis, sold well over 100,000 copies; the story charts a foolhardy attempt to win a bet, which involved tracking down all the members of the national football team of Moldova and beating them at tennis one by one.

A stylish performer, Tony is a popular After-dinner Speaker and host at corporate events up and down the country. He has hosted The PPG Travel Awards with Joanna Lumley, The British Book Awards, The Property Awards, The Security Excellence Awards, The Houseware Awards, The Beauty Awards and The Packaging Awards, with many of the satisfied clients having taken the opportunity to make a return booking.

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