Trude Mostue

Trude Mostue

  • Nordic Veterinary Surgeon
  • Animal & Wildlife Expert
  • Event Host

Scandinavian vet Trude Mostue has become popular with animal lovers all over the UK, thanks to her sympathetic and knowledgeable presenting skills on programmes such as Vets in Practice and Vet School.

Other TV work includes presenting and co-presenting Vets To The Rescue, Explorer: Vets At Large, Vets On Holiday, Vets In The Wild, Live And Kicking, The Heaven And Earth Show, Masterchef and One Man And His Dog. She has also worked for the BBC's Natural History Department.

As well as being a talented TV presenter, Trude has also written pets-related articles for magazines and national newspapers. In addition, she has written five books, four of which have been published in the UK, with the fifth being published in Norway. The UK book titles are Pets In Practice, Vets In The Wild: The Real Stories Behind The BBC Television Series and Wild About Animals: A Book Of Beastly Behaviour.

You can currently see Trude on Discovery/Animal Planet as the resident vet in the series of Britain's Worst Pets, as well as regularly presenting on Countryfile.

To book Trude as a Presenter or Guest Speaker, especially for animal/nature-related events, contact a Prime Performers Booking Agent using the online booking enquiry form or alternatively call 020 3500 3331 for further information.

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