Collection: Snooker Speakers

The rules of snooker were officially finalized in 1884 by Sir Neville Chamberlain, with the first World Snooker Championship being organised by Joe Davies in 1927.  Since then the game has greatly gained popularity in both Britain and globally, with a host of tournaments held in various countries throughout the world. 

The sport has provided us with many colourful characters who have brightened up our television screens over the years, providing entertainment, laughs and sometimes tears.  Travelling the world, cue in hand, our snooker legends have experienced many new cultures and have some great stories to share.

And of course, they have a deep knowledge of the game of snooker and are happy to pass on advice and tips to your audience and answer any questions that the might have.  Anyone who has ever played snooker and knows just how hard the game is will understand that value of some solid expert advice. 

If you are looking for a snooker legend to attend your event then you have come to the right place.  Prime Performers can provide some of the best recognised players in the game, who have gone on to be commentators and presenters as their snooker careers have wound down. 

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