Collection: Facilitators & Moderators

At many events where the agenda is planned to the smallest detail, such as award ceremonies, a presenter will often suffice to provide a link between topics or sections.  In such instances an actor or TV presenter who is confident at introducing is a popular choice.  However, if you are planning a less structured conference, it may be that a Facilitator or Moderator better suits your needs. 

Facilitators and Moderators do not only act as a link, but have a deeper knowledge of the topics at hand.  In the event that they do not fully understand the issues at hand, professional Facilitators and Moderators are prepared to undertake the necessary research required to ensure that they have the required knowledge; enabling them to ensure that the event’s objectives are met. 

At Prime Performers, we have an excellent selection of Facilitators and Moderators who are proficient in a variety of topics and areas.  If you would like further advice on which individual is best suited to your event, please give us a call today and we will happily go through the options with you. 

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