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International Men's Day is an annual event celebrated on November 19th to raise awareness about issues that affect men and promote positive masculinity. The day aims to highlight various aspects of men's well-being, including mental health, gender equality, fatherhood, and the challenges that men face in society. It provides an opportunity to address issues like men's mental health, high suicide rates among men, men's role as fathers, and the importance of positive male role models.

International Men's Day is not meant to diminish the significance of International Women's Day but to complement it by focusing on issues that primarily affect men. The day encourages discussions and activities that promote healthy relationships, gender equality, and overall well-being for men and boys.

The specific themes and activities for International Men's Day may vary from year to year and across different regions, but the overarching goal is to foster a more balanced and supportive world for everyone, regardless of their gender

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